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Make sure that you have the correct riding hat which complies with the new regulations. Tagging hats will take place during qualifiers, pink tags this year which are the same at BE/PC/BD.  So if your hat is tagged by one of these organisations, it applies to BRC as well and like versa.
BRC like other equestrian bodies, have had to change the criteria for Flu Vacs - days between injections, your club has all the details, please contact them.

Body Protectors have been updated as well, so make sure it is correct before you wear it for a XC.
This year  for some competitions  competitors must wear a bib type number holder.
Dressage events will see ask riders to wear bridle numbers on both side or on their saddle cloth on both sides.
Bib numbers will be given out when they report to the secretary.

We are going to do some training on set up of scoring - which all BRC clubs will be able to use, the date is 1st November venue will be announce shortly, there will be a morning session and an afternoon session, you will need to bring a laptop computer with you, if you are interested contact Hilary. 






Ride Together, Train Together, Compete Together, Have Fun Together


Updated training dates will be announced shortly.


We are starting to look at the events that run throughout the autumn and winter months.

Combined Challenge and Combined Training has become summer events, and those dates will be announced shortly.

Some dates for your diaries.

Novice & Intermediate SJ - 21/22nd October 2023  - Alnwick Ford EC

Intermediate Dressage, Novice Dressage  - 11/12th November 2023 -Holmside EC

Charity Show Jumping - 14th January 2024 -  Holmside EC

DtM qualifier & Intro Q. - 3RD/4TH February 2024 - Holmside EC

Arena eventing Q  - Sat & Sun 10/11th February 2024 -- Richmond EC

Riding Test/Prix Caprilli Winter League only  17th March 2024, Holmside EC

Quiz. 22nd April - South Causey Hotel. 





Contact us

Name:  Hillary McKenna

Telephone:   07831 729726



or for financial items

Name:  Katherine Shearer

Telephone:  07958 644953


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